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If your someone coming over here from Twitter and adding me, lmk what your Twitter was/is so I know. A lot of times I can’t figure it out from your Masto name.

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Name: Addie
Country: USA

I’m a TV director working the shift. For fun I like retro PCs, old video games, and general nerdery. Which is you know why I set up my own Mastodon server lol.

Death/violence in MN, but the nerd/maker community may be interested. 

Man dies from "homicidal violence" inside Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, police say

1990s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Watch framework of site gradually appear
- Start reading site text
- View images once they load
- Click a hyperlink to more information on the thing you're looking for

2020s web experience

- Open site in browser
- Wait for Cloudflare to verify you aren't a bot
- Wait for background movie to load
- Dismiss cookie popup
- Decline to subscribe to their mailing list
- Decline to speak to a chatbot that promises it's a human
- Scroll infinitely looking for the information you want that's probably not there since it's all generated text intended for other robots to read anyway

I am joining a secret society of electrical engineers and they just asked me to step into a large coil with a battery attached.

This is their current induction process.

Today, as always, do your best to make Space Mom proud.

Trans rights are human rights.

Don't like it? Leave.

Hey, folks! If you're looking for an LGBTQIA+ safe ham radio repeater network to connect to, check out our very own Pride Radio Network! Modes supported by our system include Allstar, Echolink, IRLP, DMR, YSF, Wires-X, P25, NXDN, D-STAR, M17, & Zello. Direct connections via USRP can also be provided. We also have a web transceiver too! We're also always looking for new repeater affiliates. More info can be found at

#hamradio #amateurradio #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA

@TechTangents Shelby… The Apple 2 is freaking amazing. I love my IIe. Never had a II+. But I’ve had a couple of Es and a C. I want a gs badly.

Anyway. Wicked cool that you’re taking interest in the IIe. One thing I’d recommend you get is a Uthernet card. Other than that, the sky is the limit :)

Hit me up with any Qs. I’m not officially in any groups like Apple Fritter but I have been using them since they were THE computer to have.

Headline: “Discrimination in workplace can lead to stress, high blood pressure”
Anchor (on TV): “You don’t say”
Me (the trans girl in a room of white men): “Was this study done by white men by any chance?”


I assume the quoted slogan is a reference to making sure all Americans get covid on the same day while also forgetting covid exists. This is an ambitious goal, but if anyone can do it, what's his name can!


#Twitter removes labels describing international media organizations as government-funded or state-affiliated, including those under authoritarian control in #China, #Iran and #Russia.

@violetblue so uh, may have recommended “Fish” to our Noon anchor today. 🙃 (She’s writing a book right now and so we were talking about books in the hallway.)


If you used Facebook at some point between May 2007 and December 2022, you're eligible to receive money from a class settlement


"Once the Nazis took power they banned books, outlawed drag shows and homosexuality, changed school curricula to remove mention of their atrocities in WWI, and rewrote election laws so they’d never again lose an election."


Equality Florida has issued a Travel Warning to all LGBTQ people to avoid coming to Florida due to risks posed to their health, safety, and freedom.

Florida is no longer safe for LGBTQ people.


Get to know a Gen Xer.

Sit beside them and learn their stories, of wall-mounted phones with long extension cords and going to the airport gate unticketed without passing through security.

Listen with them as they delight in the music of their youth, the songs that only they now keep alive — the songs of Cyndi, and both Eddies, and Dave.

Very soon the last Gen Xer will be passing from this realm to the next, and then they will belong to the ages. Get to know one now — before it’s too late.

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