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If your someone coming over here from Twitter and adding me, lmk what your Twitter was/is so I know. A lot of times I can’t figure it out from your Masto name.

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Name: Addie
Country: USA

I’m a TV director working the shift. For fun I like retro PCs, old video games, and general nerdery. Which is you know why I set up my own Mastodon server lol.

@violetblue hold up. Which lamps got broken?!?! And if it wasn’t so damn expensive to send something to an island I likely could have sent a TV.

Also why are beds so damn expensive?! Trying to find one that fits an Addie, a Cass, and a giant tabby is…expensive.

That hilarious part where I’m watching @ActionRetro and he mentions not only @thisdoesnotcomp but also I saw a cameo by @vkc’s username on the video. Both of the big Minnesota tech YouTubers lol.

That horrible feeling when you realize the song you were just blasting is 30 years old…and you swear it only came out 10 years ago.

My entire career, I've consistently heard the c-suite say that "women are good at design and color, but I don't think they can handle code".

If you see this, if you hear this, say something. Get in the way of it. Put yourself in the way of it.

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Good. If you have a boss, you need a union.
“The U.S. National Labor Relations Board on Friday resurrected key elements of a policy it eliminated more than 50 years ago requiring businesses that commit labor law violations to bargain with unions without holding formal elections.”

Seems like it’s a good day for new music.

The new Miley Cyrus track that dropped is fire.

And my friend Marina V dropped her new single which is amazing.

So I’m guessing there was an issue with that needle. Went to push the air out of the syringe / needle and uh…yeah. That’s my needle embedded in the ceiling.

So uh…when did South Minneapolis become a maze of closed streets and construction?! All I was trying to do was get from 35W & 31st to Hennepin & 31st and…like you can’t. I had to go down 35th.

I don't want to solve a fucking Myst puzzle to get my car into reverse

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Outside: Excessive heat warning
Me in the control room: in a sweat shirt shivering because of how cold it is inside

I don’t understand people who go to IKEA and don’t first stop for a plate of meatballs…tasty.

Twitter has followed through on its threat to sue @CCDHate, a watchdog group focused on platforms' handling of hate speech and misinformation, accusing it of violating Twitter's terms and US hacking laws

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