Time to go across the hall and direct 6a & 7a! @wcco@twitter.com @TVDirectors@twitter.com

. @cmcasarez@twitter.com from the other room: “Igor is next if you want to watch”

Good to see… @igornovikov@twitter.com, @NicolleDWallace@twitter.com, AND @AliciaMenendez@twitter.com

@violetblue you ever feel like you’re the only one who takes things seriously still? (Hoody from @vkc’s collection lol)

@vkc so I’ve gotten a lot of good comments about this today at the station. Only 1 from an IT person lol. (And yes I still have a mask on at work unless I’m by myself.)

Time to direct the noon on @WCCO@twitter.com @TVDirectors@twitter.com @PauleenLe@twitter.com @JosephForecast@twitter.com

They lifted the mask mandate again. Oh well. I’ve so far avoided getting sick (knock on wood) so I’m gonna keep my mask on this time ‘round. At least until I see consistent drops in the numbers in the Cities. cc: @violetblue

Rolling old school on the 9 today. @wcco@twitter.com @AJHilton_News@twitter.com @heatherbrown21@twitter.com @TVDirectors@twitter.com

You know, it’s not @TheWienerCircle@twitter.com but it’s as good as you can get up here in Minnesota without resorting to that ehm chain. The peppers coulda had more flavor and the pickles were meh but at least they didn’t try to put ketchup on them… (That happened to me once in Wisconsin.)

Good morning California friends!! Y'all seem to be represented on the news feeds this morning. LOL. @mkewman@twitter.com @jamieyuccas@twitter.com @gwenners@twitter.com @aliciak2010@twitter.com @violetblue@twitter.com @marinav@twitter.com

Holy crap. I hope my Bay Area friends are all doing ok. Looking at the damage in @DanyaBacchusTV@twitter.com’s package… Uff da. cc: @gwenners@twitter.com @violetblue @thePunderWoman

If only the technology existed for @CBSMornings@twitter.com to send @WCCO@twitter.com some of those sandwiches via @cbsnewspath@twitter.com lol. @DavidBegnaud@twitter.com @nateburleson@twitter.com @GayleKing@twitter.com

I think @cmcasarez@twitter.com and I need one of these puppies.

RT @heatherbrown21@twitter.com

A little cuteness break for a good cause 🐶 is today, so @SHHRescue@twitter.com came by this morning with 3-week-old King Charles Cavaliers!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/heatherbrown21/sta

Anyone else ever feel this way? @TVDirectors@twitter.com @survivetvjobs@twitter.com

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