@RobynCaplan @violetblue ...also your 40 year old. LOL.

I mean...some of the things I see my parents put on Facebook. Oy vey.

I'm watching a 12 year old trans girl testify to lawmakers that the bills they've passed are a constant reminder that she doesn't belong in her own state.

No kid should ever need to do something like that, and the people responsible for putting her in that position deserve to hear her words echoing in their heads for the sleepless nights I hope they suffer for the rest of their lives.

"I should be in school learning history, not out here making it"

@violetblue it’s pretty though. Idk about you but I’ve had enough of winter… (look at the Minnesota forecast)

@aral @fungible_thadius @amerikate I finally figured out how to cancel Twitter blue. I’d subscribed before Elon took over and never quite figured out how to cancel since it said I had to manage it from my phone.

@violetblue saying this here too… I’m always a resource if newsies need help with reporting on trans people.

RT @emskens@twitter.com

"What’s more, Hollywood’s act of refusal to acknowledge, confront, or tell stories about our collective trauma denies us of remembrance: the entertainment industry’s most powerful way for humanity to understand horrible moments in history." pestemag.com/featured-posts/ho

🐦🔗: twitter.com/emskens/status/164

A good percentage of my friends are Nazis. That percentage is zero; that’s a good percentage of Nazi friends to have.

@pluralistic @mattmoehr if it’s like the ladies room at work we had 2 but only 1 which was working. I think the batteries in the other one failed. (They’re the automatic kind. They run on D-cells.)

@frood they’re not critical. Do they help fix thing sometimes, yes. But it can just as easily happen via an email or slack. (Of note I’m classified as essential so I was never allowed WFH.)

The anti-trans pivot at the Times is sharp. It’s notable. It has been protested in open letters from GLAAD and over 4,000 current and former Times contributors (including me). And—as Kahn reminded colleagues, in a sharply worded memo addressing those open letters—the Times has absolutely no interest in changing course. Nor are staffers allowed to comment on this coverage in social media, interviews or, indeed, any “public forum.” Staffers who signed the open letter have reportedly been subject to “investigation” and disciplinary action; the crackdown has been so harsh that the NewsGuild of New York has stepped in, noting that under its auspices, protest “is concerted activity protected by the National Labor Relations Board.”

The response to both the letters from two weeks ago included a sentence stating that current policy prevents “journalists from aligning with advocacy groups”, in an effort to misconstrue the two as being part of the same campaign and to portray NYTimes journalists’ concerns as being motivated by activism rather than discrimination.

Meanwhile,just the day before yesterday (Feb 28) the NYT published an Op-Ed by Adam Hoffman, described only as a “Princeton Senior”, about how extreme acceptance of the rights of LGBTQ students, Native and Black Americans, and other minorities has driven himself and other students to identify themselves as politically right wing. Hoffman is a member of pro-Republican advocacy group Campus Reform, a subsidiary of Morton Blackwell’s “The Leadership Institute” which receives over $10 million a year from right wing donors like the Uihleins,Kochs, Bradley Foundation, and others.

But like the linked article says, this is keeping in complete consistency with the NYT’s prior stances:

As the AIDS epidemic began to emerge, the silence of the media in general, and of The New York Times in particular, contributed to the magnitude of the unfolding tragedy. Although the death toll mounted in the early 1980s, the Times maintained a disdainful distance. As gay journalist Michelangelo Signorile put it, “Rosenthal, who attacks anti-Semitism in the media, never realized that the way he was treating the AIDS epidemic wasn’t much different from the way that news organizations treated the Holocaust early on.”

Honest question: are infosec conferences happening in states outlawing "drag" performances for under 18 attendees going to need to get adult entertainment licenses of some kind if they have transgender speakers on stage?

@violetblue Unions ❤️

Proud union thug here lol. (IBEW Local 292!) Hopefully I get to be on our committee in 2024 which is when our next negotiations should theoretically be.

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