TIL that “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge” let’s you play as April O’Neil.

Me to @_Cassasaur@twitter.com: “What is her superpower? Whacking the bad guys with a @LiveU@twitter.com backpack?”

@survivetvjobs@twitter.com @TVDirectors@twitter.com

Finn @ 2am: Zoomies + “hunting” (he “caught” a…checks notes…video game controller…on the table.)

Also Finn: Must pounce mom’s face, claws out. She won’t be mad because I’m cute right?

Welp. I’m awake at 2am. Even though I don’t need to be because I’m off this week.

I love when my server crashes....ugh. Reboot got my masto instance back.

Bird Site Post for Mastodon admins 

Mastodon admins, an important set of steps to take to protect your instance from legal liabilities!


#admins #admin #MastodonAdmin #MastodonAdministration #law #legal #dmca

NYT: Elon Musk’s Twitter Teeters on the Edge After Another 1,200 Leave
Mr. Musk sent emails on Friday asking to learn about Twitter’s underlying technology as key infrastructure teams have been decimated.

Noted. Mastodon does not automatically generate previews and summaries of links like Twitter and Facebook do.

Cass: where will @ratemyskyperoom@twitter.com go if Twitter collapses?

Hmm… I might know a place. Lol.

If only the technology existed for @CBSMornings@twitter.com to send @WCCO@twitter.com some of those sandwiches via @cbsnewspath@twitter.com lol. @DavidBegnaud@twitter.com @nateburleson@twitter.com @GayleKing@twitter.com

He probably walked up hill to school both ways too lol.

When I was growing up in Palatine, if there was a chance of a snow day, we listened to @WGNRadio@twitter.com to see if District 15 was closed!

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@RobHartWBBM@twitter.com I grew up with 10 ft drifts ,radio school closings were a morning routine, opened the garage door to a wall of snow, we’d dig tunnels to the street, put colorful antenna extensions on our cars so you could see us coming to intersections where snow was piled over stop signs.

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I think @cmcasarez@twitter.com and I need one of these puppies.

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A little cuteness break for a good cause 🐶 is today, so @SHHRescue@twitter.com came by this morning with 3-week-old King Charles Cavaliers!

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If your someone coming over here from Twitter and adding me, lmk what your Twitter was/is so I know. A lot of times I can’t figure it out from your Masto name.

Remember when these fell out of every magazine, postbox, mail drop and catalogue?

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