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BREAKING NEWS: Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, dies at 96


LONDON (AP) -- Buckingham Palace says Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision as doctors 'concerned for Her Majesty's health.'

Good luck UK (and Commonwealth) news friends.

Any or in Lexington, KY willing to help out with something? My (unofficial) nephew is interested in TV and lives down there. Hoping to maybe connect him with someone local.

Mid segment is a perfect time for the automation computer to freeze…

::looks at headlines::
::calls Mom::
::tells me to check my records because it was in my baby calendar she sent me::
Oh good. I have been vaccinated against Polio.

Also apparently Israel and the PLO agreed to a ceasefire on my birthday. Or at least that was the headline saved.

Ooooh look what bought me 🥰

TBH as soon as I saw’s video title of “Delivering mail by jumping from a moving boat” I knew exactly what he was going to be doing and where. It’s like I worked at in Madison in the past or something. Lol.

So who do you think did the Lake Geneva mail jump better, you or

The Lynx didn’t make the playoffs. They’ve finally entered the realm of literally every other Minnesota sports team. So…when does Glen shake up the coaching staff? So many bad decisions made this year. So many.

They really should teach in school to never tempt the fate of the News gods. I just heard someone say “slow news day today.” I had to remind them to never say that in the building.

CHICAGO (AP) -- McDonald's says it will start reopening some restaurants in Ukraine in coming months after Russia's war spurred closures.

I’m guessing the overnight news was tape of the 10p broadcast. Also who knew like every station practically ran news at one point. Growing up in Chicago it was 2/5/7/9/32 in the English news game, and 44/66 in the Spanish news game. Plus CLTV.

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in 1977
Ba Ba Black Sheep, Happy Days, Phyllis, Laverne and Shirley, MASH, Police Woman, "Griffin and Phoenix", One Day at a Time, Kojak, Police Story, more...
Chicago Sun-Times TV Prevue. August 9, 1977


That’s no sun! That’s the fur of a ginger tabby! 🐈


An extreme close-up of the Sun... The most detailed picture of a star ever taken!


It's everyone!


“YoU HaVe FoOd At HoMe”
But, it’s not a ButterBurger, now is it?


So going though I totally thought that was a nap pod…


Just updated my vacation ideas list.


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