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Some days you just gotta listen to some punk to get in the mood to slay the 9am.

Holy crap. I hope my Bay Area friends are all doing ok. Looking at the damage in’s package… Uff da. cc: @violetblue @thePunderWoman

Prince Harry: "I don't know, Put it this way, I didn't see what I now see."

Being white and having a black partner will do that to a person. Right ⁦⁩

I’m blasting the companion playlist that goes with’s book in the Ops room at work right now. Idk if she has a Spotify playlist of it, or not. I made my own lol.

Wakes up to a storm total (so far?) of right around 15in (38cm for those who use metric) of snow at the airport. Can’t wait to see what the Weather Watchers have to say. is watching the drama in the US House right now.
Me: “Have you seen yet?”
Cass: “No but I have seen &”

Meanwhile I’m over here reading’s book on the couch ignoring the drama. Finn is sleeping lol.

So…does the former Pope have to be read last rites before he dies like most people or does he just get an automatic entry because he was the Pope? Asking for a friend of course.

Do I know anyone in the government? I have a question for the building inspection department re: locking of a door that has an exit sign above it with no way to unlock in an emergency.

One of the issues I continue to challenge is folx defaulting to the binary; right/wrong; good/bad when most situations are anything but

QTing is NOT a binary issue solely in the domain of “harassment”

As an educator, I used QTing to educate AND yet many folx, by default, see my content as “harassing” particularly when I’m calling out white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and it’s resulting harm

Prioritizing the most vulnerable means LISTENING and ACTING in ways that reflect life’s complexities

is mastadon a safe space to say i called it in 2016 ??? the fact that interviewers never fact-check elon musk. and other assorted observations about tech billionaires and tech press' increasing inability to keep their pronouncements in check

Random Q: How many languages does speak?! I know Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

The old Mastodon folks have to get used to the fact the artists will promote themselves on this platform. And they are welcome to do so on many instances. In the same sense, while I couldn't care less about crypto, I've seen various occasions were entire instances were defederated because some popular accounts have some crypto related topic in their bio or posts. Defederate all you like, but I can promise that the future of the fediverse will not be dictated by old-time gatekeepers but it will be a dynamic process where the userbase decides. I for one welcome any artist and I root for you to get as many followers as you can.

Exactly 11 seconds after shooting this I got kicked out of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Worth it.

#mke #Milwaukee #photography

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