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Rolling old school on the 9 today.

A bunch of the monitors in the control room & studio were acting up this morning... The floor director and I determined it's because it's Friday the 13th and Mercury is still in retrograde.

The primary complaints about Gen Z ultimately boil down to "They refuse to work shitty jobs for shit pay" and "They're too nice to people who are different". Which says just as much about the quality of the older generations as the quality of the new one.

You know, it’s not but it’s as good as you can get up here in Minnesota without resorting to that ehm chain. The peppers coulda had more flavor and the pickles were meh but at least they didn’t try to put ketchup on them… (That happened to me once in Wisconsin.)

Good morning California friends!! Y'all seem to be represented on the news feeds this morning. LOL.

Tell me you work in the Midwest, without telling me you work in the Midwest. I'll go first:
Slack message: "Fresh Glazers in the newsroom"

Thread: So my apartment building has this policy now where you have to call the security guard overnight to be let through the door between the building & garage. Previously, I could just you know, go through the door and get to my car, no issue. 1/7

Good news: my runny nose and cough and stuff is not COVID.

So…that means it’s probably the terrible air quality the Cities has right now that’s the cause of it. Ugh.

Some days you just gotta listen to some punk to get in the mood to slay the 9am.

Holy crap. I hope my Bay Area friends are all doing ok. Looking at the damage in’s package… Uff da. cc: @violetblue @thePunderWoman

Prince Harry: "I don't know, Put it this way, I didn't see what I now see."

Being white and having a black partner will do that to a person. Right ⁦⁩

I’m blasting the companion playlist that goes with’s book in the Ops room at work right now. Idk if she has a Spotify playlist of it, or not. I made my own lol.

Wakes up to a storm total (so far?) of right around 15in (38cm for those who use metric) of snow at the airport. Can’t wait to see what the Weather Watchers have to say.

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